Tuesday, November 15


Phillip Reese of the Sacramento Bee
Phillip Reese, investigative data journalist, Pulitzer Finalist, and my former colleague, will talk about what it's like to find stories and make impact with data.
Midterm on SQL and Structured Data
(Reviewing) An in-class midterm evaluating your understanding and proficiency of Structured Query Language and relational database concepts. If you've already taken the midterm, here are the answers.


Homework: MuckRock, Baltimore, and more David Simon
Due: Thursday, Nov 17, 1:30PM
Some readings, a quick signup, stuff to prep for the last 2 weeks of data journalism work. No points, but please do the work or face a very difficult quiz after Thanksgiving...
Quiz: Homicide/Art of Access Readings, All Together
Due: Tuesday, Dec 6, 1:30 PM
Final quiz covering the rest of "Homicide" and "Art of Access".
Project: Ten FOIAs to finish
Due: Thursday, Dec 8, 1:30PM
Get ready for a New Year and a new President with 10 public records requests (FOIA, state, and local)

Readings for Phillip Reese: