Pre-Packaged Geospatial Data

The datasets to download

Just copy-and-paste the following URLs into the Carto Dataset maker:

For more information about the datasets, here's some context:

CSV data files that lack geospatial coordinates

These datasets may have columns that directly relate to geography, such as a street address or even a Census tract code. But this is not geospatial data that can be directly mapped; for example the street address 100 Broadway, New York, NY, needs to be geocoded and "converted" into a latitude,longitude pair.

This election dataset has state and county names, but for our purposes, we don't think of it as (directly) having geospatial coordinates.

ATF Listing of Federal Firearm Licenses

via the ATF's Listing of Federal Firearms Licensees

Members of the 114th U.S. Congress

via The Sunlight Foundation

Census Intercensal Estimates of the Resident Population 2000 to 2010

via U.S. Census Population Estimates by Counties page

Presidential Election Results by State

h/t Simon Rogers of Google News

Presidential Election Results by Count (2004 and 2008)

via the Hello World Data project

CSV datafiles containing geospatial data

For the most part, this will be latitude and longitude coordinate pairs that can be plotted directly onto a map.

The earthquake data is an obvious example:


School Demographic and Free Lunch Participation

extracted from the Common Core of Data's Universe Survey

Chicago crime incidents involving homicides or guns

Extracted from City of Chicago data portal

M3.0+ Earthquakes in the Contiguous U.S., 2005 to 2015

Copied from Hello World Data

Starbucks Locations, worldwide

As scraped and uploaded to Socrata OpenData


When data rows are attached to something more complicated that a lat/long pair – such as the many lat/long points needed to draw a state border, we use shapefiles. Or rather, we download them from one source and upload it to the next. All of these files are zip files, but you don't need to actually unzip them and mess with the files. Just upload the zip file straight to Carto.

Representing earthquake fault lines is more complicated the way earthquakes are often simplified to a point.


Checkout the USGS interactive fault map here

114th House Congressional District Census Boundaries

via U.S. Census Bureau

2015 Census boundaries for all U.S. counties

via U.S. Census Bureau

The USGS 2014 Earthquake Hazards Report/

6-year-seismic-prediction report by the USGS

Fault lines, as determined by the USGS in 2015

Via the U.S. Geological Survey

2015 Census boundaries for U.S. States

via U.S. Census Bureau

2015 Census boundaries for U.S. Zip Code Tabulation Areas, but (vastly) simplified using MapShaper

via U.S. Census Bureau