Tuesday, October 4


The Washington Post and the Trump Foundation
A reporter is curious about how Trump the presidential candidate compares to Trump the private billionaire when it comes to charity. By systematically double-checking Trump's claims, he found an even better story.
Small to Big by Comparing State-by-State
How do we turn a narrow topic on a local story into a year-long project? Take that narrow topic on a state-by-state tour and compare how laws and data and history and stories differ in 50 comparable ways. This page is a set of real-world examples of how to find focus in a larger issue, and make a big project by looking at the U.S. state-by-state picture.
Using LexisNexis Academic to Search for Old News
Not all of the news and journalism made it to the web. Lexis-Nexis Academic gives us access to well-organized, news archives.


Homework: Document the Sources of an Investigative Story
Due: Thursday, Oct 6, 1:30 PM
Read an investigative story, then document all of its sources with a spreadsheet. You should get an idea of how many people and organizations were contacted, as well as the document trail that was followed.
Homework: LexisNexis That Story
Due: Thursday, Oct 6, 1:30 PM
For an investigative story that you've read, use LexisNexis to do 5 queries, to find 5 more stories of at least 500+ words, from 5 different years and publications that have insights/context not found in the investigative story you read.