Homework: LexisNexis Refresher for Ro Khanna

Log into Lexis-Nexis again and find 10 stories from the past, 5 each focusing specifically on Rep. Mike Honda and his challenger for the CA-17, Ro Khanna. From five of the 10 stories, come up with a question that you think is worth asking.

Table of contents
Thursday, October 27 at 1:30 PM
5 Homework points
  • You can just send me an email with the five questions, as well as the headlines/slugs for the stories.

  • I told Janine that I would be pushing you to give the most well-researched interview ever.

  • The past contains a lot of interesting forgotten claims and deeds. What promises were made? Which ones were kept? How has Khanna changed his approach and strategy after last year’s close defeat?

Here's a short tutorial I wrote for class

Use Lexis-Nexis's search features to get a variety of stories from different sources and time periods. Please do not look up recent San Jose Merc News stories that can be found on the Internet. I'm less interested in stories that have been written about Khanna since his political aspirations; what has been written about him before?