California S.B. 272

California’s state and city agencies publish a lot of data. But a law requiring them to publish catalogs of everything they have makes it much easier to see what’s not yet published.

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Adhoc homework

The Encampment database

One of the interesting public records requests I've seen lately came from Parker Higgins in late August 2016:

The "enCampment" data system maintained by GSA-Public Works, described in SF OpenData records as "Tracking homeless encampment location and timeframes." Specifically, a record layout for the database and a data dictionary for any codes used in the database.

What SF Public Works returned was pretty much a spreadsheet, and you can see it here on my Google Drive. It's just a multi-tab spreadsheet – next we'll look at what makes it a database.

SB 272

How did Higgins learn that the city has beta software to record homeless encampments? Through the power of SB 272: Transparency Hunters Capture More than 400 California Database Catalogs

California has a law that requires all jurisdictions to release catalogs of what records and software they have. Civic hackers put together a convenient spreadsheet of how to find these catalogs; here's my mirror on Google Drive


Here's San Francisco's catalog on Socrata

And here we can see the Encampment database: